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Sirens and loudspeakers - modern security technology

We offer different types of sirens for your home that are intended to protect against burglary. By using modern security technology, burglars and other criminals should shy away from breaking into your house. They protect your property and serve as accessories for your alarm system. It is advisable to expand the alarm systems with acoustic signals, as loud sirens attract the attention of the neighbors.

With our products you will find various models that are tailored to your needs. 

  • Wireless sirens with smart home wireless transmitters
  • Alarm loudspeaker
  • Wireless outdoor sirens with battery or mains power

The sirens are individual components with which you can expand your alarm system as required. AMG sirens use light and sound to disturb criminals in the event of a possible break-in or theft.

Benefits of sirens 

On the one hand, sirens are already visible from the outside and thus have a deterrent function. The visible sirens show that there is an alarm system, some also allow voice announcements and function reliably in the event of a power failure.

On the other hand, the loud siren tones make the criminals flee in the event of an attempted break-in. At this point you also have the choice between different types of alarms. 

The smart extension accessories in particular effectively secure your property.

The alarm tones of the AMG sirens are loud and also attract the attention of the neighbors and are therefore an effective preventive measure.

Our products

Smart home radio transmitter for radio sirens

This product is an accessory for the AlarmTab control center, which you can also find at AMG Sicherheitstechnik. The forwarded command of the alarm system triggers a 433 MHz radio signal. By connecting the radio transmitter to, for example, indoor and outdoor sirens, light sources or roller shutters, you can use this product to take safety precautions. 

Alarm loudspeaker with intelligent smart home control

This alarm loudspeaker acts as a typical siren and can just as intelligently be entered into your smart home system or activated by the smart home radio transmitter just explained.

The alarm loudspeaker can be set in various ways. For example, in the event of an alarm being triggered, the device can be activated and the alarm loudspeaker is started with a dog barking, male voices or individually recorded sound recordings.

Wireless outdoor siren FAS01 - battery incl. Smart home radio transmitter

If you decide to buy this product, you will receive two high-quality items. On the one hand, we send a wireless outdoor siren that is battery operated. You will also receive a smart home radio transmitter.

The siren can be used not only acoustically, but also visually. The combination signal heads are very effective. You can still decide whether the siren goes off with a flashlight or just the siren in the event of an alarm. You can also set the alarm duration as you like. The time span is between 10 seconds and 6 minutes. You can switch off the siren early using the radio transmitter. 

Wireless outdoor siren, plastic housing - mains power

This high-quality wireless outdoor siren runs on mains electricity. For this reason, the siren is triggered by a radio transmitter. Since the siren is controlled using smart home technology, it is safe from false alarms. Since this siren is also connected to the AlarmTab central unit, you can trigger the siren in the event of a possible pre-alarm. Experience shows that it is sufficient for the siren to sound for approx. 90 seconds in the event of an alarm. This drives burglars to flight.

You can choose from a variety of settings. You have the option of configuring the outdoor siren with or without a flashing alarm.

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