Alarm sensors for more security in every situation

For many people, security in their own four walls is particularly important. Doors and windows of a house in particular are always potential entry points for burglars. In order to be able to protect your home as securely as possible, there are a large number of alarm sensors. Security technology offers a large group of sensors such as motion detectors, door and window sensors or smoke detectors. These are connected to the alarm center by radio. The change is detected and an alarm is then triggered. 

In connection with Smart Home, both the desire for increased security and the possibilities for more quality of living have become more important. The smart technology enables uncomplicated and digital networking of the individual security elements in the house and apartment, which can be easily controlled, measured or monitored via smartphone or laptop. 

Door and window sensors - Smart burglar protection

Door and window sensors can automatically detect whether windows and doors are open or closed. This class of alarm sensors consists of two components - the door / window sensor and a magnet. The integrated sensor uses the magnetic contact to record signals, which can be used to determine whether the door or window is open or closed. This data can then be transferred to the smart home center. We supply a bracket for the smart home center. If the door or window sensor is also connected to the radiators in the house via the Smart Home app, you will soon be able to sustainably reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting the radiator output when the doors or windows are open, for example.


  • Automatic detection of whether windows and doors are closed or open
  • easy installation 
  • Immediately ready for use
  • All components of your order will be sent to you fully configured
  • Improved burglary protection
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Always up to date with Smart Home

Motion detector - every movement in view

Motion detectors have the task of using sensors to detect movements in a monitored area. There are different types, which differ in their method of operation. We provide motion detectors that use infrared radiation (PIR, IR) to observe the environment. Humans but also animals send out rays with their body heat in the wave ranges of the motion sensor. This fact represents the starting point of so-called PIR sensors, which react to the changing thermal radiation of the environment. Motion detectors not only increase home comfort, e.g. when switching light sources on and off, but can also be easily coupled with other hazard prevention systems in the smart home area. Light also scares off many burglars and intruders and thus provides increased protection against break-ins. 

The detection angle for our products is approx. 160 ° and the range is approx. 8 - 12 meters. Our motion sensors are battery operated and can be conveniently installed using a magnetic pad. 

Your advantages 

  • easy installation
  • Immediately operational
  • Battery operation + no annoying cables
  • Increased burglary protection
  • Home comfort
  • Energy efficiency 

Smoke detector - safe fire protection technology 

The smoke detector is an important part of the safety technology and fulfills an important function of spatial security, because it should warn in good time of fire smoke. Basically, most smoke detectors work according to the scattered light principle. In this way, the smoke alarm device reacts to the slightest suspicion of fire smoke - light smoke such as cigarette smoke does not trigger an alarm if the smoke does not reach the smoke alarm in a concentrated manner.

The smoke detector consists of two components, the infrared light-emitting diode and the light-sensitive sensor, the so-called photodiode. Both components together form the optical chamber of the smoke detector. If there are smoke particles in the air, they will also enter the optical chamber. There the infrared light beam is scattered by the smoke particles that have penetrated. The scattered infrared light then falls on the photodiode and ultimately triggers the alarm.

In Germany there is a regulation that smoke alarms must be installed in hallways, bedrooms and children's rooms. In addition, smoke alarms must also be regularly serviced, whereby the party responsible for maintenance is usually clarified in the respective building regulations of the federal states. 

Your advantages: 

  • Quick installation
  • No cable laying + no dirt
  • Immediately operational
  • Spatial protection
  • Integration of further hazard detectors in the radio network  

Why should you choose AMG? 

With us as an innovative manufacturer, you are guaranteed not only safety, but also quality. Our technology is always state-of-the-art and ensures you a satisfactory home comfort. On our website you will find download links to the apps for the respective accessories.

Our service is also available to answer your questions at any time. We would also be happy to advise you on our offers and accessories.

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