Fire protection

Fire alarm system (BMA) - Quick help in case of fire hazards

Were you aware that there is a fire statistically every five minutes in Germany? This statistic includes apartments, homes, Bürogebäude, public buildings, kindergartens, schools and hotels. A fire can occur at any time at lightning speed. People who are not warned in time are within a few seconds in danger of their lives. Protect life and property with a fire alarm system. In our Shop for safety technology you can order various fire alarm systems online and thus set up your own fire alarm centre which can save lives in an emergency. First we inform you about the legal side and then we introduce you to the possibilities of a fire alarm system. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our experts by phone or e-mail.

What legal regulations must be observed?

First of all we have to distinguish between private and commercial. Fire alarm systems are not required by law in the private sector. Since July 2016, smoke detectors have been mandatory here and must be installed in all bedrooms, children's rooms and corridors. The federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony are different. Here, smoke detectors must also be installed in other rooms.

Füthere is a whole range of regulations and ordinances for the commercial sector which must be complied with. The BGB (Civil Code), the employers' liability insurance associations, insurance companies, statutory accident insurance funds, the state building codes and various special ordinances are responsible for the statutory provisions. Since the regulations are specific to the industry, we cannot list all the regulations individually here. Please contact the relevant authorities for further information.

Simple fire alarm systems for private and commercial use

Our fire alarm systems are suitable for private households, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises. The fire alarm systems differ in their equipment features. The very simple variant of a fire alarm system, for example, is the fire alarm set BMZ (fire alarm control panel) 03. Included is a BMZ fire alarm panel, a siren, three smoke/heat detectors and three magnetic pads for the smoke detectors. You can extend the set by any number of smoke detectors. As soon as an alarm is triggered by a smoke detector, the siren is switched on and informs the user of an emergency.

Innovative fire alarm system SmokeTab

Introduce fire alarm system SmokeTab . A completely new feature is the possibility of drawing in the personal floor plan in which the smoke detectors can be positioned. This gives you immediate information as to where the fire is taking place. In addition, you can be informed by SMS, mail and phone call in the event of an alarm. SmokeTab is ideal for larger single-family homes, multi-family homes and commercial use. The Tablet Central has a rechargeable battery so that the system remains in operation even in the event of a power failure. The smoke detectors comply with DIN 14676 and can all be easily attached with the supplied magnetic pads. You will find various versions and price ranges of other fire alarm systems in our shop for safety technology.

Important information on the connection conditions

You want to equip your fire alarm system with alarm forwarding to the fire brigade? The connection conditions are regulated in DIN 14675. DIN 14675 stipulates that planning, project planning, installation and commissioning are only carried out by companies certified in accordance with DIN 14675. You must not install and commission a fire alarm control panel with connection to the fire brigade yourself!

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